There are many reasons; here are some in no particular order.

  • Taste, Taste, Taste the difference.
  • Our exclusive process of brick-oven baking and instantly flash freezing our Lahvash enables our customers to freeze and store our breads up to one year. You can refrigerate 4 to 6 weeks and keep up to 7 days at room temperature. This is why we are able to offer a guarantee of our products. Our product development program and Test Kitchen has developed creative new concepts and offers the best quality available. Our Facility is HACCP Certified with reliable shipping and delivery any time even emergency orders processed quickly.
  • Four generations of knowledge definitely make a difference. We have worked with many executive chefs in developing unique recipes. This is one reason why we do not flavor our breads with spices or oils. Many chefs prefer to use their own spreads or sauces. The more neutral the bread the better the ingredients used to roll up the sandwich will taste.
  • We are definitely competitive, especially on contracted orders. Besides you can’t beat our guarantee. Our state of the art production line can keep up with any demand. You get what you pay for and it is better to verify what you are buying.
  • Customer Support. We have the experience to train any staff from the bottom-up and to maximize any restaurant or deli in developing recipes. Reliable shipping, EDI ordering and invoicing keeps our customers satisfied. Full time customer support with our toll free number and website definitely helps.
  • Sizes and Shape. We have the ability to custom make the size flatbread you want. With 25 years of experience in the food service industry our 10”x11” ideal Lahvash and our 12”x14” Performance have been perfect for both retail and the food service industry,
  • Yield and Profits. By making our Lahvash bread in a rectangle shape, the bread to filling ratio is an even yield. There is no waste from having to cut off and discard the ends as you get when wrapping in a round flatbread or tortilla. Based on industry surveys using our quality Lahvash bread, we have found that the end user and retailers are getting a higher price, not only because of the “Lahvash” name, but the quality and the waste cost factor is much less over all. We do not think a sandwich wrap made with tortillas is as healthy, as tasty or as cost effect as our Lahvash.

What is Lahvash?

Lahvash bread has its origins dating back thousands of years. It has remained popular throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus since ancient times. Our Armenian ancestors were baking Lahvash bread in brick ovens. This unique bread with some variations made its way to the Western culture, Middle East and many other European nations. In fact we have 4 generations of history in baking Lahvash. Original Jacks Baking Company (I Bake Um, Inc.) has taken this Old World creation and developed the most modern production line using state of the art equipment to produce our breads. We still bake in hearth brick ovens to make this exceptional flatbread.

Is this a Tortilla?

No, this is bread, actually, the grandfather of all breads. Up until the development of yeast, all the communities were eating these types of flatbreads. Brick-oven baking is what makes our bread so unique and flavorful.

What is the difference?

To call it Lahvash it has to have three distinct characteristics. It should not have any oils. If it does, it falls under the category of a tortilla. We realize oils make the other breads a little softer and pliable but they are compromising quality, taste, and freezing ability. This concept defeats the natural part of the bread.

With temperatures above 900 ˚ F and in a brick-oven it must fully cook until golden in color with toasted brown bubbles throughout. These bubbles reabsorb moisture when the bread is cooling, and when it is thawing from the freezer, making the bread soft and pliable. The baking process is essential; it locks in the true flavors of the flour and other ingredients, giving a longer shelf life.

We use only the finest multi-grain flours resulting in a great shelf life, an outstanding flavor profile, and a great nutritional value with 13% protein. That is 2% higher than most other wraps and tortillas.

When you go to buy a pack of bread, smell it first, it should have a sweet natural aroma. Your nose will tell you before your taste buds will whether or not this product is good.

We are disappointed to hear many companies referring to their wrap breads as a Lahvash when in fact it is not. Those buyers are being deceived into believing they are buying true Lahvash, when in reality it is just another flatbread.  As far as we are concerned, you cannot call it Lahvash if you do not follow the rules of making Lahvash. You are just buying a glorified tortilla and you are probably paying too much for it.


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