Our facility is HACCP Certified. Our audit scores have been outstanding passing with a score of 96.1% in 2015 up from 2014. We will continue to increase until we reach 100% because we are dedicated to producing safe, high quality, wholesome food products.


Our management team and employees are committed to our HACCP program. We manufacture all products under the most current HACCP guidelines and the HACCP environment created within our processing facility allows continuous monitoring of our procedures for optimum performance regarding food superiority.


We use the finest raw ingredients available to us. Our exclusive brick-oven baking process and the ability to flash freeze our Lahvash and maintain a zero degree temperature ensures you are getting the freshest product possible. It also enables customers to freeze and store our products up to one year. You can refrigerate 4 to 6 weeks and up to 7 days at room temperature.




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