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I Bake Um, well known for its Lahvash flatbreads successfully created an authentic Wood Fired Lahvash Pizza Crust. The Wood Fired Artisan Pizza Crusts created at I Bake Um bake in authentic brick-ovens, using state of the art equipment. What makes these wood-fired Lahvash pizza crusts so delicious and crispy is the simple combination of all natural quality ingredients and using recycled wood in our brick ovens to wood fire the crusts. Our master chef has created a one of a kind Mediterranean Pizza Sauce that gives this I Bake Um Wood Fired Lahvash Pizza Crust the perfect balance of flavors and crispy crust that will make your mouth water and leave you craving for more.

Create your own masterpiece by adding your favorite toppings to our Wood Fired Pizza Crust. The perfect shape of our Wood Fired Lahvash Pizza crusts will allow you to bake four pizzas in the space of one round without the wood fired crust becoming soft and floppy. This I Bake Um Wood Fired Lahvash Pizza Kit includes ten all-natural wood-fired pizza crusts and ten individual pouches of our unique Mediterranean sauce. You can produce your own authentic wood-fired pizzas just like the professionals in less than 5-7 minutes, with satisfaction guaranteed. ~Chef Peitros

Wood Fired Flavor

  • All Natural
  • Wood Fired Flavor
  • Delicious Mediterranean Sauce
  • Easy To Digest
  • Lower Sodium
  • Great Nutritional Value
  • Quick Heat & Serve
  • Versatile Shape
  • Perfect for Toaster Ovens
  • Non GMO


Available in Original & Wheat

12 – Pizza Crusts with 12 Pizza Sauces.

3.5 oz per crust

3.0 oz per sauce pack



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